My book review about myths and legends – The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

8d42ef2df716348fdfff94eba98f4d01The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan are an interesting series that make you want more from the books and even to be a part of that book as a character to experience the sense of adventure that they have in the book, by discovering themselves with magic and battling evil at every turn. In my opinion, this is a great book series because they are still engaging and have all the facts from ancient Egypt. At times, you are filled with dread if something bad happens or even burst out laughing with people looking at you weirdly because your randomly laughing at a funny part.

The series focuses on Carter and Sadie Kane – the two of the most powerful children in the world because on their side are the gods – Isis and Horus in the battle against Apophis. The reason that they are such powerful children is because of their family tree and they`re destined for protecting the world against Apophis. In the book, their mother’s death, has made the siblings become close to strangers/acquaintances. This is because in the books Sadie has lived with her grandparents in London, Carter has traveled the world with their father,because his father is an Egyptologist called Dr. Julius Kane. However, they do not know they are magical and that both their parents have kept it from them. During Sadie`s birthday – when they come to visit her – their father brings the siblings together for an “experiment” at the British Museum, where he wants to set things right for his family and correct the mistake him and the mother made years ago. Instead, he unleashed the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces both Sadie and Carter to flee. What no-one knows is that they are possessed by the gods – their father too – the big 5. Because of this, Sadie and Carter discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them – Set (which is possessed by Apophis but, we don’t find out until the end of the book) wants the both of them dead.  To stop him, the Carter and Sadie embark on the most dangerous journey across the world – from England to America and to even the underworld. I think that because Riordan`s success with the Percy Jackson series, many people enjoyed the Kane Chronicles as well because of the same format – just with different characters, gods and many various plot twists. Many people have enjoyed reading these books as shown by the reviews and listing on the bestsellers list – A #1 New York Times bestseller. Many of the kids that have read the books either think that it`s amazing and lived up to the expectations, in the middle, or think that it is too long or for younger children. A kid that is 10 years old said that “Great Book for Understanding Egyptian Mythology and it’s a really good book. It really teaches you about Ancient Egyptian mythology. We’re learning about it in school and it really helped me understand the concept.” However, there are some people that only read it because he wrote it or thought that it didn`t  live up to the standards of Percy Jackson – as shown by a teen, 13 years old “I like it but its not his best book. I only read it because he wrote it. It`s all right though.”

However, in my opinion, I would highly recommend to read these series as even though it is quite educational about the history and beliefs of Egypt, it is still an enjoyable series to read and I personally devoured the books within a week because they were a really good read. The series is a real page turner and you can`t put the book down in fear of something happening without you finding out or realizing. So, in conclusion – you should read this series because it is amazing and you won`t be able to put the book down. Also, it is good for educational purposes as it teaches Egyptian knowledge about for example: gods and it is in a similar format to Percy Jackson which I know that I and other people have enjoyed reading. So, read the books and you won`t regret it!